Teeth Whitening

Over time, our teeth become discolored. This can be attributed, but not limited, to coffee, red wine, tea, smoking and other nicotine related products. Professional bleaching whitens by applying a gel solution over the teeth, so that it is able to penetrate through the enamel and remove the intrinsic stains that have developed over time. Whitening may require maintenance and the frequency depends on your oral habits and diet. It is also important to know that whitening will not lighten bonding or veneers.

Service Highlights

.Remove natural darkening of teeth that comes with aging, food and drinks
.In-Office whitening can increase the speed to a brighter smile

Candidates for Teeth Whitening

.Patients in good oral health
.Patients without fillings, crowns or onlays, particularly in the front of their smile (as these restorations will not whiten)
.Compliant patients, willing to follow instructions on wearing at-home trays