Dental Anxiety

The overwhelming fear of dental appointments can be a common cause of patients putting off dental care. Unfortunately, delaying dental care due to anxiety prevents early diagnosis of dental decay and other conditions that could be treated quickly and conservatively, typically leading to more involved and costly treatment.

The comfort, relaxation and happiness of the patient are embedded deep at the heart of Dr. Cohen’s practice.  Dr. Cohen and his team will do whatever they can to reduce anxiety, allay fears and provide painless, quick treatments.  By offering patients relaxing music, using the latest advancements in anesthesia,, listening to and addressing patient concerns, and enabling patients to feel comfortable Dr. Cohen and his team have changed how previously anxious patients view their dental experience.

Creating a Calm Dental Experience

.Our team listens and will answer your questions and address any concerns prior to any procedure
.We offer patients noise canceling headphones and music during treatment
.Dr. Cohen will make sure you are comfortable before, during and after treatment