Composite Fillings

Composite restorations, or natural looking, tooth colored fillings, are used when there is small to moderate decay present. Unlike traditional amalgam (silver) restorations, composites bond to your tooth, which allows us to keep more natural, healthy tooth structure. Bonding to the tooth also makes composites stronger than amalgams and protects the tooth from fracture.

Modern composite materials come in a wide range of colors, allowing us to create a virtually invisible restoration by blending the restoration into the natural color of the tooth. We only use composite restorations as we feel that this material is superior to amalgams

Service Highlights

.A natural, aesthetic solution for treating teeth with dental decay
.Bonded restorations that are stronger than metal fillings

Who is a Good Candidate?

.Patients with chipped or broken teeth
.Those wishing to close a gap or space between two teeth
.Patients requiring treatment for dental decay