Dental Savings Plan

Dr. Cohen is pleased to offer a dental savings plan that will benefit patients without dental insurance. Dr. Cohen has created a comprehensive and customized membership program that will enable patients without dental insurance to comfortably receive the care they need or have been putting off.

With Dr. Cohen’s Dental Savings Plan there are:

    • No yearly maximumsInsurance coverage
    • No deductibles
    • No claim forms
    • No pre-authorization requirements
    • No pre-existing condition limitations
    • Immediate eligibility and not waiting periods
    • No membership cards

How do I enroll in the discount dental plan

Enrollment is easy.  Simply click the link to provide us with some basic information and set up your first appointment.  You may enroll other family members or dependents online under the same profile.  However each participant in the program will be billed separately.

What is the cost of Discount Dental Plan?

The discount dental plan costs $495.00 per year, which can be paid by credit card in two payments of $247.50.  One payment on your Mastercard, Visa or American Express card will be billed at your first visit, and a second payment will automatically be processed one month after your visit. You can even use two separate credit cards by providing us the billing information for both credit cards at your first visit The annual membership fee will cover all your preventive care, including cleanings (prophylaxis), exams, and radiographs.  For just preventive care, this would be a savings of $350.00.  Should you require additional care, the savings are even greater as members receive a 20% discount off most dental services.  

What is Dr. Cohen’s Discount Dental Plan?

Dr. Cohen's Dental Discount Program is a new plan offered to patients that do not have dental insurance. For an annual fee, members receive:

  • 2 free clearnings
  • 2 free exams
  • 1 free set of full mouth radiographs
  • A 20% discounts Dr. Cohen's regular fees for restorative services
  • Special discounts off invisalign and teeth whitening services

Can I have the second cleaning anytime?

Just like any insurance plan where you must use your benefits in annually- or lose them- your 2 cleaning visits are only good during each membership year. You must use your 2 checkup visits within each membership year- any unused benefits will not carry over.

Is This Plan Dental Insurance

Our Dental Discount Plan is not dental insurance and can only be used at Dr. Evan Cohen's dental practice. However, there are no claims to file, or waiting periods to be met or pre-existing conditions that would limit the care that you need for you or your dependants?